Joseph Smith – Persecution

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  1. JOSH NACUA says:

    Joseph Smith – Persecution. Who is speaking in all of these? I’m sorry im a bit confused. I loved it though I read it and can’t help but want to fully understand so I can soon share it with my family

  2. JOSH NACUA says:

    I believe I read it on your site where Joseph Smith says something about someone told him WHEN DID THE DEVIL BECOME STRONGER THEN GOD and Joseph replied WHEN THEY KILLED CHRIST. I would love to get the exactly word for word of this. Please help thank you.

    • Joseph Smith Foundation says:

      Are you referring to the following quote by Brother Levi Hancock?

      “. . . the Prophet Joseph Smith sent for me. I went and saw him again and had a conversation with him. Heard him tell about him being mobbed in Hiram and how they pulled the hair out of his head then he showed me the place where they had pulled the hair out of. He said they poured Aqafortis down him, he thought. I said, “While I was in Cleveland I heard some laughing about it, who said the devil must have gotten the better of the Lord that time. I told them I thought he did once before when they killed the Son of God and his Disciples too. I did not consider that proved him an imposter. I never saw men so much confounded. I said no more but all eyes were on me while I stayed at the house.” (Autobiography of Levi Hancock,

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